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Gallery 8 - Garden of Remembrance
Rhododendrons in Bloom

Photos by PA

Click on a picture to enlarge

Click to enlarge - After restoration looking West

After restoration looking West

Click to enlarge - After restoration looking East

After restoration looking East

Click to enlarge - Before restoration

Before restoration

These are the BEFORE and AFTER photographs of the Garden of Remembrance taken by Peter Allsop when he was doing the work in Summer 2005.  We have had some very positive and appreciative remarks of how attractive this area of the churchyard is looking – our thanks to Peter for all the time he spent on this work.

Click to enlarge - Rhododendrons 01

Rho 01

Click to enlarge - Rhododendrons 02

Rho 02

Click to enlarge - Rhododendrons 03

Rho 03

Also Peter took some photos of the rhododendrons when they were in bloom in Spring 2005.