Bats (probably Pipistrelle species) are known to roost in the roof of the church building, and are often found in the church itself. Sussex BRC have records for at least 6 species within 1.5km of the church (Pipistrelles listed include an aggregated record and may include more than one species). These data include two records for the church building, from 1992 and 2004, of 10 and 6 individual Pipistrelles respectively, both recorded during building inspections. No comprehensive survey is known to have been carried out more recently for this group. The churchyard, including its hedges and trees, is likely to form part of the foraging area of these bats, which feed largely on flying insects, many of which in turn feed on the plants present.

Any offers to conduct a bat survey would be welcomed!

Sally Clifton

Historical item on bat rescue from the September 2007 Church Notices...

Over the last couple of weeks [September 2007] we have found a number of bats on the floor of the church – 4 last Sunday !   Apparently this miserable summer we have experienced has been disastrous for bats, just not enough insects around.  On Monday Jenny Clark – a local bat rescuer – came over to the church, examined  3 of the above mentioned 4, pronounced, regrettably, that they were all dead.   It seems however, that they died not, as suspected, from malnutrition as there are plenty of spiders etc. in the church but from dehydration – possibly their mothers had not guided them to the exits. 

We subsequently learnt that the fourth bat had been taken by the Newton family to Raystede and put into the care of another bat rescuer – we are advised it will survive.

If any more should be found, we are asked to follow these guidelines :

  1. Do not touch or pick up – they may not be moving but they may not be dead.
  2. Cover with a glass jar, slide a piece of cardboard underneath and place in a warm box – all this equipment is now on the window sill at the back of the church – whatever may be ailing them, they need to feel warm.

Posted 27.09.2007