Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some answers to common questions:

What is the purpose of life?
For most the answer to this question would be to live a long and happy life with our family and friends and to earn enough money to be able to do what we like.

Deep down we know that these things do not totally satisfy us and we tend to shut from our minds to everything that is unpleasant. When we are in trouble or face tragedy we cry "Oh God" but we are not sure if God exists. There is a God and He does care for us and He has a purpose for our lives which is slowly and surely being worked out.

How do we know there is a God?
The problem for most of us is that we cannot see God. There are many things in everyday life we can't see!

  • Wind - we know its there because it blows the clothes on the washing line and it powers wind farms.
  • Electricity - we know its there because it provides power for us.
  • Air - we know its there because without it we would soon die!
  • God - we know he is there because of His wonderful creation with the animals, birds and plants that live in it. Things like these do not happen by chance. Just as a painting needs an artist, a building needs an architect so our world was designed by the creator God.

What has gone wrong?
Everything about the world that God has made was good. There was (is) plenty of food and water for every living creature. God wanted people to be his friends and to look after the world for Him. He also gave us 'free will' to make decisions. He did not make us to be machines and robots. He allowed us to decide between right and wrong. Sadly people prefer to please themselves and not God. Why do we make bad choices? Because of the self centredness in the world that takes us away from God.

Why is the world in such a mess?
What we do not only affects us but others also. Kindness brings happiness, selfishness brings misery and pain. Wrong doing (sin) - being lazy, thoughtlessness, lying, cheating stealing not only ruins us but also brings about divisions between us and others. It also separates us from God.

What has God done about it?
We cannot change the world on our own! Because of His love for us God is there for us. He has done something about it! He sent Jesus to rescue us. Jesus means Saviour or rescuer.
In John chapter 3 verse 16, the bible explains it like this: "God so loved the world that He gave His only son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." This is proof of God's love and that He does care.

What did Jesus teach?
He showed us what God is like by the way He lived His life - talking to people, caring for their needs and healing them. His teaching has given us the model for moral standards down thro' the centuries. The stories of the Prodigal Son and the Good Shepherd and the lost sheep show us what God's love is like. Look what has happened to the world since people have turned away from the teachings of Christ.

Why did Jesus die?
Our wrong doing separates us from God. We cannot get back to God on our own because we are not good enough. Our wrong doing is a barrier between us and God. What we need is someone who can act as a link between us and God. Jesus is that link because He has dealt with the problem of our wrong doing. Society demands that for those who are caught doing wrong a sentence has to be passed and a price has to be paid. Jesus paid that price for us all by dying on the cross. His death demolishes the barrier that separates us from God and provides a way back should we want God's friendship again.

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To discover more about the Christian faith, you could:
  • Read St Mark's gospel in any modern version of the Bible (look for NIV - New International Version, or Good News Bible.
  • Speak to someone at St Thomas à Becket or to Chris Lawrence, our minister.