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Home Groups





Why not give it a try? A home group can help you to:

  1.  Explore new ways of studying the Bible
  2.  Find support and encouragement on your journey with God, and provide the same to others in the group
  3.  Make new friendships (and deepen old ones) in your group, in a more informal setting than church services
  4.  Discover and develop your God-given gifts
  5.  Deepen your experience of answered prayer
  6.  Have fun!

Home groups are coordinated by two co-leaders, but will draw upon the gifts within the group-

Please could you give us your thoughts on the following:

  1.  Would you like to find out more about these groups**?
  2.  What would be your expectations of a home group?

Email Revd Chris for more details

** Chris will be happy to answer queries about any aspect of home groups