Virtual Instruments

During the suspension of Church services, I have made some recordings of a few popular hymns.

These are available on the Player here

Instrument details are given below:

Organ recordings

These are recorded using Hauptwerk organ software, based on sampling the organ at St Anne's, Moseley, Birmingham. I am using the software through two MIDI keyboards. This gives me two manuals (as at Framfield). There the similarity ends - the organ samples available are from much larger instruments. There is no pedalboard available using this setup (only given £1000 plus!). Also, there is no swell pedal available. However, I have used this system for home practice for a number of years, and it has proved invaluble since lockdown.

I have recently added another sample set for the organ of the Friesach, Pfarrkirche, St. Bartholomäus, Austria. Thanks to Piotr Gabowski, a Polish sound engineer, for this instrument sample (which he has made available free). This instrument is more up to date and offers an improved sound compared to the St Anne's, Moseley sample set supplied by Hauptwerk, which dates from 2009. Update: I've now added a third instrument, again by Piotr Gabowski, Strassburg, Pfarrkirche, Austria.

These recordings are therefore me playing, but not in Framfield church! They are made 'live' including any slips and errors, as there is no editing involved (no software or processing power to do that). As such you may use them freely, but please "take them as you find them".

Please email me if you would particularly like a hymn added.

Piano recordings

These are recorded using Pianoteq, which is a sampled piano, using the midi keyboard. The set in use here is either the Steinway D, or the Bluethner Prelude. Both are approved by the relevant piano manufacturer.


These are recorded another Pianoteq instrument, this is a sample set from a Ruckers harpsichord, similar in sound and character to the one owned by Handel.


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