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Pastoral Care - 'It's good to talk' - Need a chat or an unbiased listening ear in complete confidence? Please get in contact:
Rev Chris Lawrence - (Church Office) Tel 01825 891090 - 10.30am to 5.00pm (closed Wednesday) or email

God's call to us is to love him as a response to his love - and to love and care for each other!

This we try to do, in a number of ways, through hospital and home visits for those who are ill or otherwise in need.

We have a visiting team and can offer Holy Communion at home for those who cannot get to church.

We also have a prayer team to support anyone who needs God's help or guidance in their situation by promising to pray for them on a regular basis.

We also believe that God calls us to prepare those who are bringing children to baptism, getting married or arranging a funeral for a loved one.

We try to show God's love and the compassion of Jesus -  as well as providing practical advice.