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PCC - Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council, or PCC, is an executive committee of the parish with powers and duties defined by Canon Law (church regulations) and by certain Acts of Parliament. It has the responsibility of co-operating with the vicar, in promoting the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

Formally, the PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. Although the PCC has ultimate responsibility, it may delegate some of this work.

In addition to their formal duties, PCC members act as representatives for all parishioners in the affairs of the church. Apart from the vicar, who is ex-officio chairman, all PCC members are elected by the parishioners. An Annual Parochial Church Meeting must be held before April 30th each year.

All who are on the church's Electoral Roll can attend and may vote for new members of the PCC. They also vote for the Deanery Synod representatives, who become ex-officio PCC members, as do the previously chosen Churchwardens.

The PCC members are now:

Revd Chris Lawrence (Vicar and Chairman)

Phil Batchelor *

Delia Gillies (Deanery Synod)

Christine Hayler *

Katie Lloyd *

Patricia Marchant

John Mordaunt

Eric Panton

Barry Richardson * (Secretary)

Barbara Trickey

* = Elected at April APCM 17th April 2018

The following retired from the PCC at the APCM:

Robin Moore

Jeremy Pryke

Peter Tomsett

Jenny Batty

Penny Stapleton

[This page last updated 14th May 2018]