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Prayer Diary

Please continue to pray for:

  • Hilary and Eirene
  • Eric
  • Sally and Gary
  • Clem and Marie
  • Graham and family
  • Martyn and Vivien
  • Norman
  • Marshall and Pamela
  • Joan and family
  • Jocelyn and family
  • Freddy
  • Barbara, Helen and Virginia
  • Penny

Posted 15.07.2020

Prayer Diary for August 2020

1 Corinthians 13 v1 "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a clanging gong or a clanging cymbal."

10. We pray for all those in Refugee Camps and Prisons just now. Help them to see their future, and have a positive attitude.

11. In this our second week in being open for private prayer, be with those who feel the need to be in Your House.

12. Be with those who are feeling uncertain, at this time. Especially be with those who are grieving and those who are ill.

13. We pray for all those who are homeless and ask that their needs will be met.

14. We pray that at this time we may find ourselves extra often in Your presence and draw comfort from that.

15. We ask that we may have the courage to change our outlook.

16. We ask You to speak through Barry today, and pour Your Holy Spirit on him.

17. We pray for the church opening for times of private prayer, between 10 - 12 pm and 2 - 4 pm on Mondays and Fridays. Thank You for all those prepared to give up their time to enable this to happen safely.

18. We pray for all affected by the explosion in Beirut, may all reach out to them in their need.

19. We pray for all those who think their future lies here, keep them safe as they travel in busy shipping lanes.

20. We pray for all affected by the exam results and may they feel that the results are fair and that universities take all those who should have attended.

21. We pray for our schools as they prepare to open in September.

22. We pray for our businesses as they open with restrictions.

23. We pray for whoever takes the service today, that the Holy Spirit fills them and we as a congregation receive Your Word.

24. We pray for all those who are lonely, help us to notice when others need help.

25. We pray for our Government and the difficult decisions they have to make.

26. We pray for the leaders of all nations.

27. We pray for all those involved in the climate change movement, and however little may we do what we can to help.

28. We ask for the safety of those travelling by public transport.

29. We pray for all who try to take exercise and particularly for those who are cycling for the first time for along time.

Posted: 11.08.2020

Church Prayer Meeting -

The Prayer Group will meet fortnightly starting promptly at 10.00 am (finish by 11.00 am) followed by coffee and cakes. All welcome.

Posted 14.04.2019