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Prayer Diary

Please continue to pray for:

  • Martyn and Vivien
  • Norman
  • Pat and Richard
  • Marshall and Pamela
  • Joan and family
  • Jocelyn and family
  • Peter and Delia
  • Freddy
  • Christine H and family
  • Barbara, Helen and Virginia
  • Penny

Posted 19.11.2019

Prayer Diary for January 2020

Luke 2 v21 "On the eighth day when it was time to circumcise him, he was named Jesus, the name the angel had given him before he had been conceived."

13. We pray for our country and the EU as they prepare to part ways, may they do it in an amicable way.

14. We pray for all business, whether large or small, may they be prepared for the next stage.

15. We thank You for Democracy and ask that You will be with us as we turn the clock back. Help us to provide leaders in whom we can trust.

16. We pray for all those who are ill, may they know Your Peace.

17. We continue to pray for the NHS, and all who work in it.

18. We pray for the extreme weather conditions, and ask that You will be with those trying to help.

19. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide our thoughts today and that You will fill Chris with Your Word.

20. We pray for all those who are waiting for operations, may they be filled with Your Peace.

21. We pray for all who produce and sell our food, and ask that we learn to use everything

22. We thank You for all of our Home Groups, their leaders and the homes in which they meet.

23. We continue to pray for all who are affected by the extreme weather, and ask that You will pacify the extremities both in the bush fires, volcanoes and flooding.

24. We pray for all who are prepared to give their lives for others. Help us to welcome all who come to our lunch today for the week of Christian Unity.

25. We ask that You will guide our prayers as we pray for the parish and the wider world, and we pray that You will be with Freddie as he leads us.

26. We pray that we give everyone a welcome to our services today.

27. We think of those serving our country and ask that they may know your presence in their lives.

28. We continue to pray for our government and the EU as we approach Brexit day.

29. We give thanks for the seasons and the fact that the days are getting lighter.

30. We continue to pray for all who live and work in the parish.

31. May we be filled with hope as we approach a new phase in our lives.

Prayer Diary for February 2020

Matthew v25-26 "...Who then can be saved?" Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible. but with God all things are possible."

1. We continue to pray for the NHS and all who work in it.

2. We pray for our local High Streets, may they find a purpose that helps bind communities together.

Posted: 15.01.2020

Church Prayer Meeting -

The Prayer Group will meet fortnightly starting promptly at 10.00 am (finish by 11.00 am) followed by coffee and cakes. All welcome.

Posted 14.04.2019