Prayer Diary

Last updated: 23.5.2024

Prayer Diary for May 2024
John 15.9: As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you….”
22. We pray for all families who are finding it difficult to make ends meet, may they also bring everything to You in prayer.
23. We pray for all those who are anxious, lonely or ill, especially those known to us.
24. You know that life can be very hard and we pray that we will be faithful in prayer.
25. We continue to pray for our NHS, and all the wonderful staff who work under pressure.
26. We pray for Christine as she leads our Morning Praise service this Trinity Sunday.
27. We pray for all local businesspeople.
28. We pray for Farmers around the United Kingdom.
29. We pray for the Government at this difficult time.
30. We continue to pray for Ukraine and ask that You will be with them as they continue to suffer hardship.
31. Help us to put You first.
Prayer Diary for June 2024
Mark 2: 27: Then he said to them, ‘The sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the sabbath ….”
1. Bless all the animals especially those who are having a hard time.
2. We pray for Janice as she leads our Parish Eucharist today.
Posted: 19.05.2024
Thanks to Jean for all her hard work in compiling this Prayer Diary over the years.
We wish her well in her "retirement"
Prayer Diary is now also posted daily to WhatsApp.
Please continue to pray for:
  • The situation in Gaza
  • The situation in Ukraine
  • The King and the Duchess of Cambridge
  • James and Janice
  • Eric
  • Penny
  • Richard and Pat
  • Peter and Delia
  • Jean
  • Bill and Diana
  • Jenny & Family
  • Val & Family

Updated 26.03.2024