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Please continue to pray for:

  • Luke
  • Chris
  • Hilary and Eirene
  • Eric
  • Sally and Gary
  • Clem and Marie
  • Graham and family
  • Martyn and Vivien
  • Norman
  • Marshall and Pamela
  • Joan and family
  • Jocelyn and family
  • Freddy
  • Barbara, Helen and Virginia
  • Penny

Posted 18.03.2021

Prayer Diary for April 2021

John 15 v1 "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener."

5. We ask that You will be with our Ministers as they face difficult decisions on keeping us safe.

6. We pray that You will be with the Scottish Parliament as they decide their future.

7. We also pray that You will lay Your hand on all the candidates for the local mayoral election in London.

8. We pray for the EU, that they may receive the vaccines they so badly need, and they will not resort to threatening us.

9. We continue to pray for all who are in need, and may their needs be met.

10. We pray for the NHS, and all who work in it, may they not be overwhelmed.

11. Second Sunday of Easter. Please be with Chris as he delivers Your message for today, and let us be ready to receive it and act upon it.

12. We ask for safety as we cautiously try the new rules for lockdown and we ask for Your watchful eye on all we do.

13. We think of all those who have been working throughout this pandemic, and thank You for them, and we ask that You will keep them safe.

14. We continue to pray for all those who are lonely or awaiting operations, and trust they will turn to You first for their needs to be met.

15. We pray for our church family and ask for their needs to be met.

16. We pray for all on the PCC, and we ask that You will enable them to do their job in these difficult times.

17. We thank You that sport venues are amongst the first to open, and we pray that You will be there ready to receive all who call upon Your Name.

18. Third Sunday of Easter. We ask for a continuation of putting You first.

19. We ask that You will put on everyone's heart the need to share our vaccine with the poorer countries.

20. We ask that You will be with our wildlife as they adapt to changes in our behaviour.

21. We ask that You will be with all of our essential staff, and that they might realise that they are valued.

22. Help us to realise that we are all human beings, and the differences between us are through upbringing and culture.

23. Speak to us Lord, so that we might discern Your will for each of us.

24. We pray for our government and their scientific advisers, may they not be fearful of doing Your will.

Posted: 06.04.2021

Thanks to Jean for her continuing work in compiling this Prayer Diary

Church Prayer Meeting -

When services resume, we hope to restart the Prayer Group. It normally meets fortnightly on Saturdays starting promptly at 10.00 am (finish by 11.00 am) followed by coffee and cakes. All welcome.

Posted 12.09.2020