Prayer Diary

Please continue to pray for:

  • Michelle, Gavin and their family
  • Gary and Kate
  • Marshall and Pamela
  • Jean
  • Freddy
  • Bill and Diana
  • The Royal Family
  • Luke
  • Eirene
  • Eric
  • Sally and Gary
  • Clem and Marie
  • Graham and family
  • Martyn and Vivien
  • Norman
  • Joan and family
  • Jocelyn and family
  • Barbara, Helen and Virginia
  • Penny

Updated 11.08.2021

Prayer Diary for October 2021

Matthew 6 v24 “No one can serve two masters…”

21. We ask that You will be with our NHS and help them to get the backlog down.

22. We ask that You will be with those who mourn, comfort them we pray.

23. We thank You that You do not change, and are the same today and forever.

24. Be with John Cleaver as he leads this morning’s service. May You fill him with the Holy Spirit.

25. We ask that You will be with all in public life as we consider the affect of the killing of Sir David Amess.

26. We ask that You will guide the decisions made at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, and that You will control who comes.

27. We ask that You will provide the means to help people become greener.

28. We continue to hold before You the people of La Palma, and the worrying volcano.

29. We ask that You will be with the children as they face monumental change in their lives, and the worrying affect it is having on some of them.

30. As we face Halloween may the children realise that it is nothing more than a ploy to spend money and that it is evil in content.

31. We ask that You will be the focus of our worship today.

Prayer Diary for November 2021

Exodus 2 v23-25 “God rescues us in his timing not ours…”

1. We continue to pray for our leaders, and that You will raise others to do the job.

2. We pray for all our Home Groups, that You will continue to bless them and make them a place where people can ask questions.

3. We thank You for all those who are prepared to give of their time for You.

4. We pray for our families, of different hues.

5. We ask that You will keep everyone safe tonight as they enjoy the remembrance of bonfire night.

6. We continue to pray for all who work and live in this parish, and particularly those who are lonely.

7. We pray for Chris as he leads our services today.

Posted: 22.10.2021

Thanks to Jean for her continuing work in compiling this Prayer Diary

Church Prayer Meeting -

When services resume, we hope to restart the Prayer Group. It normally meets fortnightly on Saturdays starting promptly at 10.00 am (finish by 11.00 am) followed by coffee and cakes. All welcome.

Posted 12.09.2020