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Prayer Diary

Please continue to pray for:

  • Norman
  • Pat and Richard
  • Marshall and Pamela
  • Joan and family
  • Jocelyn and family
  • Peter and Delia
  • Freddy
  • Christine H and family
  • Barbara, Helen and Virginia
  • Penny

Posted 17.03.2019

Prayer Diary for September 2019

Acts 12 v2 While they were worshipping the Lord, and fasting, the Holy Spirit said "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them."

16. Let us continue to pray for our country and all the government at this difficult time.

17. We pray for the NHS as they battle to give good care, in often trying circumstances.

18. We pray too for our schools, and ask for You to be worshipped as the One True God, which can be difficult in our diverse society. We ask for sensitivity.

19. We pray for any who have not heard Your Gospel. Help us to be discerning Christians, as well as humble ones.

20. In our own strength we can do nothing worthwhile, so we pray that we may become more like You and help us by Your Holy Spirit.

21. We pray for the world as it faces so many problems.

22. We pray for Chris, that he will speak from You, and that we are ready to act upon Your Word.

23. We thank You for the seasons, and all the beauty around us. Give us eyes to see.

24. As the extremes of weather devastate whole communities, help us to respond to the need.

25. We pray for all the children being helped to an education by Compassion.

26. As the weather begins to draw in our thoughts are with those who still have no home. May their needs be met.

27. We pray that You will be very evident in the lives of those we love.

28. We pray that You will be very evident in every way as the Prayer Group meets to study Your Word and pray for the whole parish and the wider world. We pray too for the music group who are performing in aid of Framfield School re-roofing.

29. Please pray for all those who have had the courage to come to church this morning. God values each and every person and your prayers.

Posted: 18.09.2019

Church Prayer Meeting -

The Prayer Group will meet fortnightly starting promptly at 10.00 am (finish by 11.00 am) followed by coffee and cakes. All welcome.

Posted 14.04.2019