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St Thomas à Becket welcomes couples who wish to discuss getting married or having a marriage blessing in church.

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We aim to make your special day personal and memorable.
We hope the information on this page will be useful.

St Thomas à Becket

St Thomas à Becket

If you wish to pursue this further, please contact us.


The Service

Suggested Order of Service

Inside St Thomas à Becket

Music before the Service

Music for the arrival of the Bride



Bible Reading

The Marriage



Prayers and Blessing


Signing of the Register

Music for leaving the Church

Wedding Music

The following information is intended to give guidance. The choice of music lies with each couple who are warmly invited to discuss their requirements with the organist at the end of the Sunday morning worship (approximately 11 am).

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Some Suggested Readings

During the marriage there is an opportunity for one or two short readings from the Bible. You might find it helpful, therefore, to consider this short selection of Biblical passages although, of course, there may be another scriptual extract which you prefer.

The wedding service normally has a Bible reading, which is chosen from a wide range of topics such as love, commitment and the best foundations for living. Some deal more specifically with the love of God and the example Jesus gave us. This sheet gives a number of readings that are suitable for a wedding.

Select two or three likely readings, read them and then ask yourself these questions.

  • Which of the readings makes most sense to me?
  • Are there words, phrases or sentences in some of the readings that I particularly like?
  • Which of the readings do I find most difficult to understand?
  • Are there parts of the readings I don't understand and I want to ask about?
  • Which of the readings reflects best what I hope for in marriage?

We will help you decide on a reading which fits in with the message or sermon.

Click here to see the readings suggested for consideration.


Fees for Weddings 2024

Publication of Banns


Certificate of Banns (Not required if wedding is to take place in Framfield Parish Church)


Marriage Service in Church

Verger £50.00 

Sound (Applicable for CD music)


Reaffirmation of vows/service of blessing following a civil marriage ceremony


If you wish to use any of following facilities please add on the appropriate fee:


Video copyright fee * £120.00 
Bells £25.00 
Heating (1st October to 1st April) £130.00 
* If you wish to record/video the service, arrangements must be made in advance with the vicar.
Due to copyright legislation additional costs are involved.

See also diocesan fee table for details:

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