Weddings - Preparation

We organise each year marriage preparations meetings at which all couples being married here are expected to attend. It can be quite re-assuring to find that everyone is having the same problems organising their wedding and in past years the whole group has often adjourned to the local hostelry when the meeting has finished to carry on the discussion!

Marriage preparation sounds a very daunting title and you have, no doubt, been making your own wedding preparations for some considerable time. It is very easy to get so caught up in all the practical wedding arrangements that people often don't take time to talk together about the issues they will face in their married lives. This marriage preparation series of three sessions (which we like to feel will be dealt with in an informal and humorous way - so please don't worry!) is intended to help you spend some time together now and, hopefully, in the times between the meetings, talking and thinking about the everyday pressures on marriage in today's world.

The three sessions will be:

  1. The Wedding Ceremony (and practical arrangements for your wedding)
  2. Communication (getting on together)
  3. Sex and Children!

My intention is to help you relax and to make your wedding day a very special day for you both, and also to encourage you to see God's love and care for you both at this special time in your lives. I truly believe that, even in these days when marriages frequently break up, this is still God's best structure for a healthy society. Please feel free to ask me concerning anything about which you are not sure.

May God bless you in all your preparations and with many years of happy married life.