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Advice documents, as issued by The House of Bishops Recovery Group, and listed on the Church of England website  - where a complete listing may be found.


Dated Version Subject
Risk assessment template for reopening church buildings (Word format)
25.09.2020 2.5 Conducting public worship
(replaces v 2.4 of 17.09.2020)
23.09.2020 4.0 Test and Trace
(replaces 3.0 dated 07.08.2020)
17.08.2020 5.1 Administration of Holy Communion
07.08.2020 3.0 Face coverings
Safer Churches – Helping public places to reopen safely
25.09.2020 4.0 Opening Church Buildings
(replaces v 3.0 of 07.08.2020)
23.07.2020 3.2 Outdoor worship and churchyards
07.08.2020 5.0 Individual private prayer
Mental health and wellbeing
30.07.2020 2.0 Personal risk factors to clergy, church workers and volunteers
Safeguarding - FAQs

Last updated: 26.09.2020

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