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Track and Trace

Track and Trace Privacy Policy

Advice documents, as issued by The House of Bishops Recovery Group, and listed on the Church of England website  - where a complete listing may be found.


Dated Version Subject
14.10.2020 1.0 Permitted Activities under the Three Tier System
01.10.2020 1.0 Church Heating
Risk assessment template for reopening church buildings (Word format)
16.10.2020 2.6 Conducting public worship
(replaces v 2.5 of 25.09.2020)
23.09.2020 4.0 Test and Trace
(replaces 3.0 dated 07.08.2020)
17.08.2020 5.1 Administration of Holy Communion
07.08.2020 3.0 Face coverings
Safer Churches – Helping public places to reopen safely
25.09.2020 4.0 Opening Church Buildings
(replaces v 3.0 of 07.08.2020)
24.09.2020 4.0 Outdoor worship and churchyards
(replaces v 3.2 of 23.07.2020)
07.08.2020 5.0 Individual private prayer
Mental health and wellbeing
30.07.2020 2.0 Personal risk factors to clergy, church workers and volunteers
Safeguarding - FAQs

Last updated: 04.11.2020

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