Services under Covid-19

Last updated: 05.02.2022 21.05

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Track and Trace

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Covid-19 Documents

In light of the new legislation which came into effect on the 27th Jan 2022:-

  1. Signing in: There is now no legal requirement to sign in before the service although you may scan the NHS QR code if you want to.
  2. Hand Hygiene: Do continue to use the hand sanitiser on arrival/departure.
  3. Singing: It is not mandatory to wear a face mask in church or while singing but you may wish to continue the practice for the sake of those around you or where you may feel particularly vulnerable.
  4. Social Distancing: All the pews are now open but please seat yourself at a respectful distance from those around you who are not part of your family group.
  5. Sharing the Peace: During Holy Communion services we will stay in our places to share the Peace.
  6. Holy Communion: will continue to be given in one kind only i.e. wafers, until case numbers have fallen to an acceptable level.

All the necessary PPE items are in place for a safe visit.

Our track and trace system is still operating – this is now optional (see point 1 above) - if you wish use your NHS T&T app to scan our venue code on the way in.

We hope the measures are agreeable to everyone as we enter this new phase. We will of course review the position as time passes or new information / legislation comes to our notice.

  • What to Expect
  • Our future experience of church will be different from anything that has gone before. We must have measures in place to protect everyone, which do change the experience - more than we would perhaps like. We need to move forward carefully though.

  • On arrival
  • On arrival you will find the doors open, please do not touch or move them. Contact with door handles should be avoided.

  • Health
  • If you feel unwell, please reconsider if you should enter the church today.

  • We provide sanitiser. Please: the first thing to do on arrival will be to sanitise your hands.

  • Face coverings/masks
  • As in shops and many public places, it is now mandatory to wear face coverings in churches -CofE guidance note here. This is now a legal requirement. Preferably, please arrive wearing your own. We will have a (limited) supply available for a small donation.

  • Track and Trace
  • You will also be asked for basic contact details, to complete our track and trace information.
    This is required to comply with the rules we are governed by, and any information given will be destroyed after 21 days. Such information will not be used for any other purpose than track and trace.

    More on Track and Trace

  • Social Distancing
  • Social distancing is still important! 1 metre minimum please.

  • Stewardship
  • Please work with those on duty - they are there to keep everyone safe. Please avoid touching surfaces etc more than neccessary.

  • Service Sheets and Hymn Books
  • A service sheet will be provided. Please pick one up as you enter, and take it home with you. When we use the Holy Communion Booklets, please pick up a copy after sanitising your hands and return it to the Quarantine Basket after the service. No hymn books will be handed out. The words can be followed on the projection screen.

  • Bibles
  • The pew bibles have been moved to the back of the Church for now. Please bring your own with you if you require one during the service.

  • Receiving Communion
  • At present we cannot share a common cup - so wafers only. One line up (socially distanced) and return to your pew via the Gage Chapel.
    Receive standing, wafer gently dropped into your hand. See further detailed CofE advice here.

  • On leaving
  • Please sanitise hands again on leaving.

  • Toilets
  • Toilets are available, but will be kept locked. Admission on request.